Well, I've been down so Goddamn long
That it looks like up to me
Well, I've been down so very damn long
That it looks like up to me
Yeah, why don't one you people
C'mon and set me free
- The Doors

Right from when we are very young and are already learning to feel sorry for ourselves we are reminded that, no matter how hard done by we feel, there is always someone worse off. These days however in which the evil "patriarchy" lies as shattered as the stature of Ozymandias, when the white man looks about for those even worse off, he discovers, at least in terms of rights he's at the end of the line. He's everybody's punching bag, especially that of his own women.

His ancestors were world-shakers. Milder types quaked in fear at the mere sight of them. As a pagan, unchained by religiously inspired remorse or feel-good altruism, the white man was as unstoppable as water bursting through a dam wall.

Tamed by civilization, he began the process of usi…


Red Over Black: Behind the Aboriginal Land Rights is the title of a book written first published in 1982 but even more pertinent today given  insistent demands for "Recognition" and a treaty being even greater threats to continued Australian unity than ever before.

The book's extraordinary value is lies in the background of the the author, Geoff Macdonald, writing as a lapsed Communist, being formerly a  high-flyer in the now defunct Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and intimately conversant with the methods and machinations of this Stalinist organisation Down Under, the most tried and trusted of which was the always reliable divide and conquer tactic.

Adding to his credentials as an authority on the subject he tackles is his many years experience in Central Australia where he represented the Royal Australian Nurses Federation, naturally having wide contact with the white nurses selflessly forsaking the comforts of city living, and the mostly full-blooded Aborigines to …


Anyone missing this priceless gem is being grievously deprived. Heartfelt thanks to On Target, 24/11/17
THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK:      This is How Our World Ends...By Peter West and Arnis Luks This is the way the world ends...This is the way the world ends... This is the way the world ends...Not with a bang but a whimper. T. S. Eliot, “The Hollow Men,” (1925)
     " CURRENT SUMMARY Let’s just think this through a bit, accepting that there was probably a lot of vote diddling, but the No side was too slow to jump on this when it occurred. So, the vast majority of Australians are supporting the undermining of an institution as old as humanity itself. The vast majority of Australians openly accept cultural Marxism. Don’t tell me otherwise, for the arguments opposing this were out there, even though the No side did not get a fair hearing.         WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Wallace Klink, writing in On Target, 10 November, 2017 summed it all up concisely, and his …


A barely noticed willy-willy began spinning in the sleepy Australian town of Moangallo during a late flaring of March heat. It was a Sunday morning. Within days, it was a whirlwind slamming every part of the country.It had begun innocently enough. Professor Kenneth O’Reilly, an eminent academic from a solid sandstone University, foremost authority on Australian history and prolific author had been invited to the town by the local Fellowship of Samaritans Club to give a talk on aspects of the region’s history. He graciously acquiesced and in his usual manner of quiet charm cast a spell over the packed audience eager for a sample of his erudition. It was extraordinary, thought one and all, how this man, extremely unprepossessing, could carry so much knowledge in his head. It was as though original copies of every one of his books were contained there.
Making their happiness complete was that the academic writer looked exactly as the audience expected in one of his ilk. They could excuse …


Here's the antithesis to the filthy rich Gerry Harvey who made his fortune in Australian retail but couldn't give a rat's arse about Australia as long as he makes even more money:  the filthy rich Dick Smith who also made his fortune in Australian retail but obviously cares deeply about Australia. Moreover, he's prepared to put his money where his mouth is. Hence the Dick Smith Fair Go campaign he's running. The plan is to run advertisements like the one featured in most if not all of the major Australian dailies to raise awareness of the dangers of the overpopulation our political and financial overlords have planned for us. It of course won't be cheap so he's asking for help, pledging to to match contributions dollar for dollar with his own money. No doubt he could afford 100% of the bill, but there's a certain wisdom in allowing others some skin in the game rather than providing a completely free ride, or in other words, an opportunity for nationalis…


Multiculturalism has never worked out all that well in Malaysia, particularly in '69 when ethnic Chinese were being hunted down and killed in the streets of Kuala Lumpur. The shock-waves from that explosion of  racial hatred caused a monumental watershed in Malaysian society.

Wherever the Chinese have established themselves as significant minorities in the countries of Asia, the pattern of resentment and hostility toward them bears a remarkable resemblance to the reaction that has seen the Jews thrown out of a long list of European countries at one time or another and for similar reasons. It is therefore no surprise to find that the Chinese are widely known as "the Jews of Asia".

Ethnic Chinese now make up 25% of the Malaysian population - second only to Thailand in terms of Chinese minority size. Scattered widely throughout the country, Panang, the island connected to the mainland by bridge, is though the Chinese capital, as it were.

Small Chinese numbers were reported…


I happened to mention an upcoming trip to Norfolk Island to my dentist. He seemed interested so I continued. Referring to its penal settlement days, I said, "It would have to be a supreme irony wouldn't it? They managed to take an island paradise and turn it into a hell on earth."

He replied, "yes, just like Manus Island." I was about to spin my head Linda Blair style and spray him with "you're kidding aren't you? You're comparing Manus with Norfolk?" But remembering it's not the best of ideas to get involved in a political altercation with your dentist, especially as he's about to drill a tooth, I kept my mouth shut - figuratively speaking, that is. Doing it literally  would of course have defeated the purpose of a dental appointment. In retrospect, I shouldn't have been caught so flat-footed by his opinion. He is after all an upper middle class professional and, as so, obligated to have  the "correct" views so effe…